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City of Wolfforth Library

Director's Message

Your Library Director Welcomes You
Director's Message

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the website.  

First I will mention a little bit about myself.  My first and most important job is my family.  I am married to my soul mate and I have 3 wonderful boys and 4 canine kids.  I am a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and a minor in English Literature.  I am currently a student at University of North Texas working towards my Master's Degree in Library and Information Science.  I became the director of the library February 4, 2013, and it has truly been amazing.  I love the library and the community of Wolfforth and I am honored to be a part of something bigger than my self. Serving the community is my passion! 

Keeping true to the growth rate of Wolfforth, we are growing just as quickly.  We are regularly adding, replacing, and weeding books, audio-books, and DVD's, and the collection is growing and improving daily.  We are trying to keep up with the technology, while also trying to stay true to our small town roots.  We are regularly working on adding more community activities and developing new partnerships with local organizations. Summer reading is one of the highlights of our community activities each year.  Seeing children get excited about reading makes all the work worth it.  We have changed up story times, giving the community (public) a separate story time from the daycare groups.  We have a separate day each month that we invite the local daycare to a special hour of stories, crafts, and snacks.  

One of the biggest technological advances is something I have been working on since my first day! We finally have eBooks!! The previous Librarian, Andi Powers,  and I had talked about her wanting eBooks, but not having the budget to add it.  I knew it was something she would want me to work on so I did.  I presented it to city council, added it to the new budget and prayed.  IT WORKED! We have joined the West Texas Digital Consortium through Overdrive, which includes 14 other rural libraries in West Texas.  This means a great collection of material is now available to you.  

I am more than blessed to be a part of Wolfforth, and to be the director here at the library.  I absolutely love my job, my coworkers, and the patrons that come and visit.  The library has become one of my life loves, and I am looking forward to making it even better than it already was, which is hard to imagine, because it is already pretty much perfect.  Come by and see us!  I think you will enjoy it as much as I do! 

Kim Brown

Library Director

Message from the previous Library Director, Andi Powers, 

Thank you for visiting our library's webpage.  We're very proud of our library here in Wolfforth!

During my time with the City of Wolfforth Library, I've seen many changes.  We started out in an old space on Main Street with floors so uneven we couldn't keep books from falling off the top shelves.  We had wasps in the walls.  And the meanest dog I ever met lived between us and the dumpster.  It was a very busy day then if we checked out 20 books.  That building has since been torn down, and it makes me more than a little sad to drive down Main and see the gaping hole where the first library once stood.

In the summer of 1995 the library made a big change.  The whole City of Wolfforth made a big change.  They built a new facility along the Brownfield Highway that housed City Hall, the Municipal Court, the Police Department, and the Library.   The library had 1600 brand spanking new square feet dedicated to house all our books.  During our years in the Municipal Building we underwent some big changes.  Computers became a neccesity.  We converted from the old punch card method of checking out books to scanning barcodes.  The Internet began catching on.  We started our first Summer Reading contest and were thrilled to have 34 kids participate.  We had our first full-time librarian.  Big changes indeed.  But we quickly realized that our space was seriously limited.  So we planned.  And we saved.  And we dreamed of the day that we would have a new building.

In March of 2006, that dream was realized.  Through the hardwork and dedication of our City Council, City Manager, library staff, and our wonderful Library Administrator  we expanded from 1600 sqaure feet to 6500 square feet that we don't have to share with anyone.  Gone are the days of people thinking the library was actually the waiting room for the police station! 

I'm in love with our space here.  Of course I'm very proud of the fact that we have a computer lab and a community room.  But really,  I love the little things the most.  Like all the parking spaces.  And the murals in the children's room.  The staff bathroom ranks pretty high on my list too. 

We continue to make big changes here in the library.  We're growing and expanding in ways no one can predict.  And we love every minute of it.  So please come and pay us a visit.  You'll be greeted with a smile. 

Andi Powers

Library Director